Wednesday, January 1, 2014

30 th December 2013

Me and mom went shopping this evening. Perhaps it was the coldest of days this winter. The winds were blowing at the speed of 1000 kms/sec lashing against us like the whips of a tormentor. We weren't very keen to chill our bones in a winter that had arrived early if not for mom's last minute winter shopping plans.She wasn't willing to wallow in the glitz and glamour of the mall culture but this time around I made sure I pulled her to the mall to shop in style. This is a bi-annual ritual, a shopping trip to one of those malls.

She loves bartering in the busy markets of Delhi like most women of her era. She always says that she is too scared of the elevators in the malls, vertigo or acrophobia she keeps pining the blame on one of these for not shopping in the malls. Or I wonder is it her dislike for branded labels and the arm and leg that it costs when we decide to burn our money on them.
We went about checking the overcoats, one of which she was eyeing for this season's biting chill. Again the price tags made her throw away her plans until I kept pestering her. She has never ever had a fetish for labels. The typical malayali Nasranichi she is, who doesn't loosen the strings of her purse for costly clothes but yes surely gold is something that her eyes shine for. Gold she says is a wise investment. I might want to raise my hand in agreement with her, with the gold prices hitting the roof.
After loitering around the racks and mannequins she finally agreed to buy a grey overcoat that somehow reminded me of the carrot eating detective from a yestyear's television serial. Even though I could convince her to buy the grey ulster, she put her foot down against the Bvlgari perfume I wanted her to purchase.
The very few times that I have shopped with mom in the malls I have realized that it is not the labels on the product that adds value to a deal, but the intentions of the buyer. Maybe a small part of me still abhors the sheen of the mall culture. Why open your wallet and let brands eat out of it?

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