Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Playing the Bridesmaid for the Fourth time in my Life

Today was the fourth time I decided to play the bridesmaid, to Priya's friend. I try and shrug such opportunities because it leaves me nostalgic and makes me wallow in self pity. To be on the wrong side of twenties and not having a relationship for keeps isn't still acceptable in East Asian societies like India. Sometimes that quivering question about your marriage hits like a tight slap. But even then what is expected of you is a teethy smile and an apt answer that must please the 'curious cat' meowing at you.
These are questions that give me cold feet and I try not to come face to face with such people.

Although today was another day because the bride was an acquaintance and none of her relatives would have played a detective to someone they barely knew. "Purple" was the color of the gowns we were given to wear. And perhaps it has been the color of the bridesmaid gowns for this season. Everytime I have seen the dresses given to the bridesmaids memories of school uniforms come to me and I can't help but wry with worry.
I am not a big fan of reds and purples. So this had to be a careful act of charity. For the sake of the best friend. Although I made sure that I was not hurling myself at the bridal bouquet when it was tossed in the air.
With no face paint and a smile as the only jewel I was grinning like a demented seal for the pictures. The food was a platter of exotic dishes especially the salads so that was another treat for me.
A memorable day it was when every moment of my life was like the wedding parties that Jane Nichols (of the 27 Dresses fame) went to.
The purple satin dress hangs in the closet along with the other three bridesmaid dresses while I wonder after how many bridesmaid acts will I get to throw the bridal bouquet in the air?

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