Friday, January 27, 2017

A Doctorate degree is a not a freebie!

We treat our celebrities like kings and queens. Don't we? Other than cheering for them and paying for their bills, we shower them with a lot of love. The recent case of a stampede at the Vadodra railway station during the promotion of the SRK movie Raees is an example of how devotedly we worship our heroes and heroines. 
While most of these celebrities stash a lot of wealth, indulge in financial frauds and get away with crimes, there are a handful of them to whom we can really look upto. The ones who inspire us with their rightful actions and set an example for the future generation. In the past I have quietly seen famous celebrities accept honorary degrees for outstanding contribution in their fields, and blow one's horn about their achievements. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sexism in Indian politics

A few days ago as the poll trumpets had been blown, the sexist politicians came out of their hiding holes and  we were rattled by an insensitive statement by a BJP leader Vinay Katiyar who said that Priyanka Gandhi is not as beautiful as she is projected to be. There are prettier women leaders in BJP like Smriti Irani  who can pull crowds and give better speeches.
It's not the first time that an Indian politician has passed sexist regressive remarks on a woman politician. The question that baffles me often is that how long it will be before a woman politician is given importance and her potential as a politician not measured by her looks. BSP leader Mayawati has also been a popular target of politicians when once BJP spokesperson Shaina NC took a jibe on her and said that she doesn't know if the BSP leader is a "her" or "she". On another occasion BJP leader Dayashankar Singh said that Mayawati is worse than a prostitute who gives a seat to the person who pays the highest amount for it. His sexist and casteist statements were aimed at her because she is a woman and a Dalit. A metaphor that often hits out at a woman by comparing her to a sex worker is every sexist's glorifying moment of machismo.

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Resolutions

A new year brings with itself a lot of hopes, much like the birth of a child. Every new year inspires us to make beginnings and bring an end to the rot and rigmarole of habits, that we have always wanted to give up.
2016 was an eventful year which was a witness to my only brother's marriage. Since, I am the elder one, the burden of responsibilities was put on my shoulders, which made me give up on my fitness goals due to the lack of time and commitment. After having bid adieu to Bombay, I have not been in shape all thanks to the unhealthy eating habits and incessant travelling. I have done my best to stick to my exercise regime but the lack of inspiration failed me.